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Brookwood Kindergarten Launches No Littering Campaign
Brookwood Kindergarten Launches No Littering Campaign

Ahead of their annual school-wide STEM Day (Science, technology, engineering and math), Brookwood kindergarten students looked for ways to help improve littering in their local community. After gathering data and thinking about ways to really make an impact, the students launched their "Take your trash with you" campaign.

Classes worked with Brookwood STEM teacher Carmen Flammini to conduct a trash study at Lakeshore Park. For every piece of trash found at the park, students put a color-coded dot on a map for paper, plastic and other trash. The students discovered that trash was a big problem at the park, and the available garbage bins were not being used by park goers.

Students decided to persuade visitors to be "nature protectors" and place signs around the park that encouraged people to be proactive on minimizing pollution. The signs coupled the campaign slogan "Be a Nature Protector" with sayings like "take your trash with you," "please don't put trash on the ground," and "your trash is your responsibility."

The students presented the idea to Dalton Parks and Recreation Director Mike Miller. Once approved, each class created signs that featured photos of the kindergarten students picking up trash along with their various sayings. The students installed the signs around Lakeshore on STEM Day, May 3, and even had Dalton Mayor Dennis Mock attend to help cut the ribbons.

The students are anxious to evaluate their campaign to see if the amount of trash at Lakeshore Park decreases. Please join us in being "Nature Protectors" and helping these students meet their goals.