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Brookwood Student Publishes First Book
Brookwood Student Publishes First Book
Josie and her book

Josie Perez, a kindergartener at Brookwood Elementary, is encouraging creativity and a love of reading within her class after authoring her own book, "When Pixie Came to School."

Josie's story started when her teacher, Ashley Stafford, brought her pet bunny, Pixie, in for a visit to their classroom. Josie was immediately drawn to how soft Pixie was. According to Josie's mom, Elise Perez, it was all she could think about.

"She came home, and she was so excited about Mrs. Stafford's pet bunny that came to school," said Perez. "It was so fluffy that she couldn't stop petting it. She said she didn't get a chance to learn because she couldn't stop petting the bunny, because it was so fluffy."

This gave Josie the idea to write about the bunny and give the story to her teacher as a Christmas present.

"She told us she wanted to write a story for her teacher about petting the fluffy bunny," Perez said. "All the words in it are her words. I created the illustrations for her then we sent it off to a printing company."

With her mom's help, the book came together and is now a classroom favorite.

"She was so excited to read it to her class, and then she read it to her family 50 times," Perez said. "She said she can't believe she's famous. She loves to autograph it."

Perez said Josie was thrilled to add the book to her school's library and hopes to write more someday.

"It made her really excited to read," Perez said. "She wants to look at books and get other books and make more stories now."

Information about purchasing Josie's book can be found on the Brookwood School Facebook page.