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Brookwood Welcomed New Teachers with Tour of Anna Shaw Children's Institute
Brookwood Welcomed New Teachers with Tour of Anna Shaw Children's Institute
Terri Woodruff leads tour of teachers

New teachers to Brookwood Elementary had the opportunity to participate in a guided tour of the new Anna Shaw Children's Institute. The tour was designed to give the new teachers a chance to learn about the incredible resources available for children in the area, and to learn more about the authentic design process used to address the needs of their young patients.

The Anna Shaw Children's Institute, which opened in 2019, was designed intentionally, always keeping in mind the needs of its future patients and their families.

Bridenstine opened the tour by explaining to the new teachers that she wanted them to keep that same intentionality in mind when designing their classrooms and planning for the new year.

"Think about how you can design a classroom that is catered and tailored to what students need," Bridenstine said.

Terri Woodruff, executive director of the Anna Shaw Children's Institute, led the teachers on the tour. She also made the connection between the mission of teachers and the mission of the Anna Shaw Children's Institute.

"We have a lot in common with you all," Woodruff told the teachers. "Our goal is also to help children live happy, healthy lives."

On the tour, Woodruff explained how every aspect of the institute from the waiting rooms to the therapy rooms was designed with a purpose in mind. One example of this can be seen on the institute's carpets. To help children who may often look at the ground while walking, the carpets were designed to get darker as they approach doors, and lighter as they move towards the center of the room.

At the end of the tour, Bridenstine asked each teacher to say three words that described the Children's Institute. Some responses included: Intentional, inspirational, creative, well-designed, comfortable, welcoming and inspiring.

"Do you want your classroom experience to be intentional, inspirational, welcoming, and inspiring?" Bridenstine said, "When your children come home from the first day of school, do you want them to tell their parents that their day was intentional, inspirational, welcoming, inspiring? I want you to think about that everywhere you go."