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City Park Students Celebrate Women's History Month
City Park Students Celebrate Women's History Month
Students holding signs of women

This March, students at City Park School celebrated Women's History Month with lessons highlighting the contributions of women throughout history.

First grade English Language Learner (ELL) teacher Rigo Gonzalez led his students through a month's worth of lessons surrounding the achievements of women from around the world. Each day, his class read a book about a woman and added her information to a "quilt."

Gonzalez said his students quickly began picking up on the importance of women's history, noting the activities they introduced sparked good discussions between students.

"We were doing one of the quilt patterns one day, and one of the boys said, 'When are we going to talk about men?' One of the girls said, 'We talk about men all of the time,'" Gonzalez said. "They're seeing the discrepancy between history and it being mostly about men. There's a whole other side of women who did great things, too."

On Wednesday, March 24, Gonzalez and his students marched around City Park while carrying the names and faces of women throughout history to celebrate their accomplishments.

Students marching

"It's a celebration of all the marches women used to do for equality and their rights," Gonzalez said.

He believes this experience provided valuable knowledge of women's strength and contributions while building his students' respect for women and expanding on their understanding of what is possible.

"It's so neat seeing how interested they get and the questions they ask about who these women are and what they're doing," Gonzalez said. "They were surprised [to see] how young you can be and how all of these great things are happening in other countries, too."