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Dalton Public Schools Extends Deadline for Pre-Kindergarten Registration
Dalton Public Schools Extends Deadline for Pre-Kindergarten Registration
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Dalton Public Schools has extended the deadline for pre-kindergarten registration. Due to severe weather, the final day of pre-kindergarten registration in March ended earlier than planned. Anyone who was unable to attend pre-kindergarten registration is encouraged to enroll their child.

Students who are turning four years old on or before September 1, 2021, are eligible to attend pre-kindergarten. Spots are limited and there will be a lottery to place eligible students in classrooms.

Pre-kindergarten classes are free to any student living within the city limits of Dalton. Students who live outside the city limits of Dalton must pay out-of-district tuition. The tuition rates for the 2021-22 school year are as follows: non-employee in-state is $1,550 for the first child, $1,250 for the second child, $200 for the third child and $0 for the fourth child and for any additional child.

Dalton Public Schools has 17 pre-kindergarten classrooms at all six of its elementary schools. The district enrolls approximately 350 pre-kindergarten students each year.

Pre-kindergarten classes have been shown to increase language and literacy skills, boost confidence in students and increase test scores. Pre-kindergarten classes follow the same schedule as elementary school classes. Students learn how to behave in a classroom setting, work with their peers and adjust to a school schedule. By the time a student graduates from pre-kindergarten, they are fully prepared and ready for kindergarten.

To enroll a student in pre-kindergarten, visit the Dalton Public Schools Enrollment Center located at 101 N. Thornton Ave. Parents should bring the student's birth certificate, social security card, Immunization Certificate (Georgia Form 3231), Eye, Ear and Dental Exam Certificate (Georgia form 3300), proof of residence (utility bill or lease agreement), and a Medicaid or Peach Care card (Pre-K only), if applicable.

For more information, please call 706-876-4000 and select option two for enrollment. You can also visit our website at