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Dalton Sees Improvement in District Scores on State Assessments
Dalton Sees Improvement in District Scores on State Assessments

Students in Dalton Public Schools showed improvement in more areas on the spring 2018 Georgia Milestones assessments.

The district average scores at grades 3, 4, and 5 increased in every area. The district third grade English Language Arts average increased by 10.2 percent while fifth grade English Language Arts increased by almost 8 percent. Average math scores for the district at the third grade increased by 1.6 percent while average math scores in fifth grade increased by 6.8 percent.

At Dalton Middle School, the average math scores at all grades showed increases with sixth grade math improving by 4 percent and seventh grade average score increasing by 7.6 percent. Eighth grade math scores increasing almost 2 percent across the grade level.

End of Course scores at the high school level improved dramatically in Economics this year with an increase of 29.2 percent. Scores on the ninth grade Literature EOC improved by 6.3 percent and the Algebra I EOC scores improved by almost 8 percent. Scores on the Biology, Physical Science and US History EOC exams also showed improvement.

"I am proud of the growth our students have shown in our classrooms and on the Georgia milestones exams," said Dr. Tim Scott, superintendent. "This is a testimony to the hard work and focus of our teachers and students. Everyone has worked hard to not only to improve academic achievement of students across the board, but also to help students demonstrate their learning on assessments. I'm confident that our students will continue to grow and our scores will continue to improve."

While district officials say they are still reviewing the data, another point of pride is the improving scores of eighth grade students who took the EOCs in Algebra I and Physical Science, both ninth grade courses. In Algebra I, 132 students were tested and 72 percent of students scored in the proficient and distinguished categories. In Physical Science, 172 students were tested and 73 percent scored in the proficient and distinguished categories.

Laura Orr, chief learning officer, said that this was the first year for the state to test the new science and social studies standards on the Georgia Milestones exams. Only fifth and eighth graders were tested in these areas, and Orr said she expects scores will improve as the students and teacher become more familiar with the new standards.

"Make no mistake, we are not satisfied with our scores," Scott said. "We will continue to look at providing a rigorous academic curriculum across the district that aligns with state standards and set high expectations for all students which we believe will positively affect achievement and test scores."