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DHS Teaches "Adulting 101"
DHS Teaches "Adulting 101"

Car Maintenance SessionCareer and Technical Education students at Dalton High School had a different kind of day on Wednesday, April 24. They participated in Adulting 101: Student Learning Day.

Students signed up for two of 13 sessions on topics related to life outside of the classroom setting, or lessons related to the term "adulting" that young people use to describe accomplishing mundane but necessary tasks. These sessions included a variety of choices like Banking, Time Management, Self Defense, Job Seeking, Car Buying, Clothing Repair (pictured right), Volunteering, Buying a House (pictured left) and others.

Clothing Repair SessionIvana Bacerra, who attended the Basic Car Maintenance seminar (pictured above), said, "It really helped me know what to do if my car was not working well."

Volunteers from the community came to host the sessions. Ford of Dalton, Advent Health, Hamilton Medical Center, United Way, Dalton State, the Dalton Police Department and Wells Fargo sent volunteers to present information to students.

The Adulting 101 Day was funded by the Charles Bowen Leadership Grant from the Dalton Education Foundation. Student leaders were hosts to the guests and helped with management and organization throughout the day.Housing Session