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Distinguished Dalton High Students Earn IB Diploma
Distinguished Dalton High Students Earn IB Diploma
"At Dalton High School we are very proud of all of our IB DP students. For those students who earn who the diploma, we could not be more excited for their accomplishment."

Graduating high school is a major accomplishment for any student. For three Dalton High graduates, they were able to obtain a distinguished International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma.

The IB program is a rigorous course of study designed for motivated students. Prior academic achievements and a student's determination are strong indicators for success.

The graduates who received this esteemed diploma are Raymundo Moncayo, Alejandra Sanchez and Juseth Ramos.

Marybeth Meadows, the IB Diploma Program coordinator, understands the significance of students being able to achieve a diploma of such prestigious caliber. She said the key to success is staying organized.

"If IB students are willing to be organized in order to complete the work, they can lead a full, balanced life as a high school upperclassman." Meadows said.

The goal is to gain a deeper understanding of the subject areas. Students are grouped into cohorts and are often placed with students taking similar Advanced Placement (AP) courses.

For students who want to go to a college with competitive entry requirements, or who want to attend an Ivy League school or a university outside of the United States, IB offers the student an internationally minded education that can set them above other qualified college applicants.

Ninety two percent of candidates enrolled into college immediately after graduation, and 21.4% are are more likely to be admitted into prestigious universities across the U.S.

The average SAT score is 453 points above the national average for IB diploma candidates. Students who complete an IB Diploma are given the tools they need to succeed in their college courses. They are also a given a sense of preparedness, self-confidence and time management skills.

According to Meadows, the mission to develop well-rounded students goes beyond just academics. Students also gain perspectives and understandings from the world around them.

"The overall aim of the IB is to foster internationally-minded young people," Meadows said. "Students learn to appreciate different beliefs, values, and experiences and to think and collaborate across all cultures and disciplines."

Raymundo Moncayo and Alejandra Sanchez they feel that the program has given them the advantage of being successful in the college classroom and having a support system.

"It's definitely helped me prepare for college because a lot of the IB program involves writing," Moncayo said. "Everything in IB was critical and so are my college assignments, so it helps me in my college life now."

"Sometimes there can be hardships, but it is important for students to stay close and depend on each other especially because you'll be with them for two years." Sanchez said.

Meadows recognizes the discipline and hard work it takes for students to attain an IB diploma.

"At Dalton High School we are very proud of all of our IB DP students," Meadows said. "For those students who earn who the diploma, we could not be more excited for their accomplishment."