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DPS Art Recognized Through Creative Art Guild 2018 Student Expo
DPS Art Recognized Through Creative Art Guild 2018 Student Expo

Each year, all Dalton city, Whitfield County, and Murray County public, private and homeschooled students in grades pre-K to high school are invited to exhibit individual art for a special exposition at the Creative Arts Guild for their Student Arts Expo. School classrooms also submit collaborative work in the "Art Together" projects category. The galleries are open in March for the public to view.

The O.N. Jonas Foundation awards prizes to the best work. The following Dalton Public Schools students received awards for their work:

Blue Ridge

Pre-K - 1st Place - Eylin Izaguirre Gomez

First grade - 3rd - Zayetzy Dominguez

Fifth grade - Honorable Mention - Alejandro Torres


Kindergarten - 1st - Elinore Frye

First grade - 1st - Elize Mendez

First grade - Honorable Mention - Charlotte Bramlett

Second grade - 3rd - Ayano Nagaike

Third grade - 2nd - Sara Velasquez

Fifth grade - 2nd - Amani Momin

City Park

Third grade - Honorable Mention - Kimberly Esteban

Park Creek

Second grade - 2nd - Ashley Torres

Fourth grade - 3rd - Itzel Ramirez


Third grade - 1st - Osiris Colindres

Third grade - 3rd - Camilla Pena

Fifth grade - 1st - Emma Gentry

Fifth grade - 3rd - Ada Arevalo


First grade - 2nd - Lillie Rodriguez

Dalton Middle

Sixth grade - 2nd - Juanita Vengas

Sixth grade - 3rd - Claire Miller

Seventh grade - 2nd - Osvaldo Maldonado

Seventh grade - 3rd - Audrey Merriman

Eighth grade - 3rd - Mia Carvajel

Dalton High

Tenth grade - 3rd - Jimena Lopez Florez

Eleventh grade - 3rd - Natalia Gonzalez

Twelfth grade - 3rd - Ricardo Briceno

Twelfth grade - Honorable Mention - Diana Cornejo

Twelfth grade - Honorable Mention - Rhys Mahan

Twelfth grade - Honorable Mention - Morgan Young

O.N. Jonas Foundation Art Together Awards

Westwood - PreK - "Chinese Dragon"

Brookwood - 3rd - 5th grades - "High Tie to Recycle"

Dalton Middle - Picasso's Super Hero City"

Dalton High - Group Weaving