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DPS Celebrates American Education Week Nov. 13-17
DPS Celebrates American Education Week Nov. 13-17

Dalton Public Schools celebrated American Education Week the week of November 13-17 through the annual tradition of kindergarten photos with the superintendent.

Throughout the week, Interim Superintendent Don Amonett stopped at every DPS elementary school for the annual kindergarten "graduation" photos. Kindergarten students were dressed in an actual-size graduation robe (one they'll need to grow into), marched up the steps to meet the superintendent and given a keepsake book to set their sights on high school graduation.

After each class had gone through the photo line, Mr. Amonett paused to talk with the students about the importance of working hard to reach their graduation goals.

"Everyone remember the number 2030 - that will be the year you graduate from high school," he told them. "At that point, you'll know all there is to know! But, you can't wait until then to get started. We need to be learning now!"

The students wore big smiles and anxiously flipped through their new "ABCs of Jobs" book, looking at the endless possibilities for their futures.

More photos from the week can be seen below, and live videos taken behind-the-scenes can be found on the DPS Facebook page.