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DPS Holds Annual Chess Tournament
DPS Holds Annual Chess Tournament

Dalton Public Schools held the annual elementary chess tournament on Monday, April 30. Each of the six elementary schools sent their best chess players to compete. Overall, Brookwood students won the most points, Roan School came in second and City Park finished third.

The finals round took the top four students in both fourth and fifth grade.

In fourth grade, Charles Whittle (Brookwood) won first, Aaliyah Freeman (Brookwood) won second, Dominic Luna (Roan School) won third and Marcos Rosales (Brookwood) won fourth.

In fifth grade, Cesar Hurtado (Brookwood) won first, Heriberto Cervantes (Brookwood) won second, Kendra Delgado (Brookwood) won third and Jessica Escutia (Roan School) won fourth.

Whittle and Hurtado were each undefeated to the winning spot.