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MIHS Holds First FBLA Awards Banquet
MIHS Holds First FBLA Awards Banquet
FBLA Officers

For the first time, Morris Innovative High School held a banquet to celebrate all that the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) chapter accomplished throughout the year and to showcase the awards given to its members.

"All of the officers did an outstanding job leading the banquet and presenting the awards to the members and staff," said Advisor Sheila Yarbrough. "Awards were given to conference participants, active participants and committee chairpersons. Recruitment awards were also given out."

Aaron Kilgore-Bradley, treasurer, was given the Officer of the Year Award and elected into the "Who's Who" for FBLA for 2017-18. Michelle Sanchez received the Member of the Year Award and "Who's Who Award." In addition, Chris Valencia, interim president, was elected in to the "Who's Who" for FBLA for 2017-2018.

"Who's Who" is the prestigious award in the local chapter that shows who has gotten the most active points for the chapter. The recipients are required to have at least four out of these five activities completed during the year:

  • Completed a level on the Business Achievement Award
  • Recruited five members for FBLA
  • Competed in a competition and attended a conference
  • Had at least 100 points and received their Active Membership Award
  • Served on a committee for the school or community service.
Banquet Guests

Who's Who qualifiers receive a certificate and their name inscribed on a plaque to be displayed at school.

Beth Mashburn, MIHS media specialist, received "Teacher Volunteer of the Year" for FBLA, and Eliza Alfaro received "Business Person of the Year" for the help given by La Esparanza Bakery.

After seeing what the organization can accomplish, the officers said that they hope to see FBLA continue to grow in membership and to help others in the community. They also want to continue to see more people compete to hone their skills and build their credentials.

Yarbrough echoed the students' sentiment. "It is always great to see the members and officers continue to build their portfolio by their wonderful teamwork and character activities that they have started building this year," she said. "With more than 50 in attendance and a lot of supporters from the business environment, we hope this is a representation that will continue to grow the spirit of Morris!"

More than 60 awards and certificates were given and the group plans to continue growing the trend in the coming year.

The FBLA officers, pictured above from left to right, are Leydi Bellesteros, reporter, Sheila Yarbrough, FBLA advisor, Aaron-Kilgore Bradley, treasurer, Alexis Flores, historian, and Chris Valencia, interim president.

Guests, pictured above from left to right, included Palmer Griffin, DPS board member, Pam Massingale, MIHS assistant principal, Dalton Mayor Dennis Mock, Sheila Yarbrough, MIHS FBLA advisor, Pat Hunt, MIHS principal, Beth Mashburn, MIHS media specialist, Tulley Johnson, DPS board member, Maura Alvarez, La Esperanza employee, and Eliza Alfaro, manager of La Esperanza.