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Students Learn Choices Matter at Teen Maze (Video)
Students Learn Choices Matter at Teen Maze (Video)

Sophomores from Dalton High School and Morris Innovative High School once again found themselves weaving through their life choices at the Teen Maze program, held every year at the Dalton Fairgrounds.

The event, made possible by the Whitfield Family Connection and many sponsors and volunteers, gives teens a day to experience the consequences of various choices they will face in their adolescence. Students draw from a bucket to see if their "fate" includes the ramifications of drinking, substance abuse or even teen pregnancy. They may find themselves in the juvenile court system, an STI Clinic or, if they're smart and make good choices, they have the chance to "graduate."

These lessons come at a crucial time as students begin driving and entertaining a higher-pressured social life in their sophomore year. Through this event, we hope our students learn that one choice can make all the difference, and it affects not only them, but those they care about, as well.