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The Dalton Academy Students and Staff Celebrate Inaugural Week
The Dalton Academy Students and Staff Celebrate Inaugural Week
Johnny and Isabel during Inaugural Week

Students at The Dalton Academy recently celebrated Inaugural Week, a celebration of the school's first year in existence. Organized by the school's Pep Club, Inaugural Week was designed as a way to promote school spirit and build new traditions amongst the student body.

The Dalton Academy opened in August 2021, and is home to approximately 340 students. Johnny Sims, co-president of the Pep Club, said they planned the school's Inaugural Week as a way to have fun as the new school kicked off its first year.

"Inaugural Week started with us opening up a new school," Sims said. "We thought, 'It's a new school, we don't have any traditions built, so let's start one.'"

During the week of September 6-10, students and staff were invited to dress up for an assortment of themed days, including Cultural Day, College and Career Day and Red-Out Day.

Sims said he was happy to see students participating in the various dress-up days and was surprised to see high levels of teacher participation.

"I thought I would see less teachers and more students participating, but I've seen a lot of teachers actually want to participate," Sims said.

Pep Club co-president Isabel Vela agreed with Sims and said seeing the amount of teacher participation was, "really fun and nice."

As The Dalton Academy continues its first year, students attending have the unique opportunity to shape the school's traditions and events. While Inaugural Week is specific to the school's first year in operation, Sims said the Pep Club is planning more events as the year continues.

"The Inaugural Week won't happen every year, because this is just for the first year of a new school," Sims said. "I know a lot more dress-up days will be coming, just to build more traditions."

Since The Dalton Academy is a high school of choice, students must decide to enroll in the school. This year, students had to make the decision to transfer from either Dalton High School or the now-closed Morris Innovative High School. For Sims, the decision to transfer from Dalton High School to The Dalton Academy for his senior year was not a decision he made lightly.

"Switching during my last year of high school was kind of challenging," Sims said. "Honestly, so far, I'm really enjoying it. There's more teacher involvement, and if you need help, there are resources everywhere."