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Translation Academy Recognized at State Capitol
Translation Academy Recognized at State Capitol
Group at Capitol

On February 25, the Translation Academy at Morris Innovative High School was recognized at the Georgia State Capitol for their work in the community.

Since it started six years ago, more than 100 students have come through the academy, touched other's lives and made an impact in the community of Dalton.

"We are excited to continue the chance to help others communicate and improve lives each day, in any way we can," said teacher Paige Watts. "Each student in this group is special, important and make a difference in their school, community and world."

Georgia House Representative Kasey Carpenter drafted the resolution that was read that day (see below).

Georgia Immigration Associate Jaime Rangel helped coordinate the day and credited his colleagues for making the event go smoothly. "I want to thank Justice Charlie Bethel for providing your wisdom and for inspiring some future lawyers. I also want to thank Joseph Cortes with the Luitenent Governor's office, Senator Chuck Payne, Wesley Ross with Governor Kemp's office, and Representative Brenda Lopez for speaking to these bright individuals," he said. "I also want to thank FWD.us for helping make this trip a reality. I strongly believe that Georgia's best days are ahead of us."

A Resolution

1 Recognizing and commending Morris Innovative High School Translation Academy; and for

2 other purposes.

3 WHEREAS, Morris Innovative High School Translation Academy has established and

4 maintained a proud tradition of excellence with equal emphases on character and academics;

5 and

6 WHEREAS, the academy continues to build and shape the future leaders of our state by

7 providing students with the necessary skills to prepare them for working in business and in

8 areas that require translators and interpreters; and

9 WHEREAS, the academy works within the community to help adults develop literacy skills,

10 to teach and mentor other students, and to build bridges between different cultures; and

11 WHEREAS, these students volunteer at community events and in elementary schools to help

12 students learn English; and

13 WHEREAS, students in the academy help with planning job fairs for the school, working

14 with leaders in the community, being a think tank for the Chamber of Commerce, as well as

15 working alongside the Dalton Public Schools Central Office; and

16 WHEREAS, during their time in the Translation Academy, students realize their value to the

17 community, the vast opportunities that are available to them, as well as how to pursue their

18 future goals; and

19 WHEREAS, it is abundantly fitting and proper that this outstanding academy be

20 appropriately recognized.


22 the members of this body recognize and commend Morris Innovative High School

23 Translation Academy for its contributions to the education of Georgia's citizens.

24 BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Clerk of the House of Representatives is authorized

25 and directed to make an appropriate copy of this resolution available for distribution to

26 Morris Innovative High School Translation Academy.