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Tripp Phillips wins Georgia Distinguished Gifted Teen Award
Tripp Phillips wins Georgia Distinguished Gifted Teen Award
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The Georgia Association for Gifted Children recently awarded Dalton High School student Tripp Phillips with the 2021 Gifted Teen Award. Tripp is a 15-year-old with a knack for inventing and problem solving.

The purpose of this award is to recognize a student who demonstrates giftedness, dedication, creativity and a desire to help others. It consists of a $500 scholarship to be used for activities related to his academic work.

"I feel honored that I was chosen to represent Dalton at the state level," said Tripp. "Winning this award means a lot to me in representing my school and my community."

Tripp was nominated by several of his mentors. Each letter of recommendation highlighted his creativity, successes and impact on our community.

"Tripp is one of the most unique young men I have met in my 28 years of coaching and teaching," said Matthew Land, a DHS teacher who recommended Tripp for the award. "His drive and dedication, along with his preparation, are beyond compare."

Land added that Tripp takes every opportunity to encourage others.

"I'm confident Tripp is not only a role model, but a difference maker," Land said. "He never misses an opportunity to encourage or inspire these young minds that are within his sphere of influence."

Tripp is best known for his invention, Le-glue, a non-permanent, non-toxic glue he invented to temporarily fuse together toy building blocks like Legos. Tripp made an appearance on "Shark Tank" where he gained an investment from Kevin O'Leary.

Since his segment, Tripp has seen significant growth in his company and "received the honor of being considered one of the Greatest Pitches of All Time on ABC 20/20."

Martha Thomason, Tripp's 3rd grade teacher and mentor, said amazing things continued to happen as Tripp's dream and influence grew.

"Along the way, Tripp has shared his creativity, experiences, successes, and failures with children and adults," Martha said. "His poise and charisma are amazing and he loves speaking in public and encouraging others to follow their dreams and follow his example of setting high goals."

Tripp frequently gives "Tripp Talks" at local schools, colleges and community events. He is using his platform to inspire a love of entrepreneurship and inventing.

"My creativity led to entrepreneurship which then led to giving back to my community," Tripp said. "My parents and teachers have told me I am very creative, and I have always loved building, making and creating."

Tripp interacts with others with the goal of inspiring them to "Dream, Invent and Create."

"I want to continue to provide jobs and income to our community, provide charitable contributions, and keep inspiring with my story," Tripp said. "I hope my message encourages others to dream big, set goals, and work hard to make those dreams come true."

Bryan Macon, Co-chair of the Believe Greater Dalton Entrepreneurship Committee, believes Tripp is an excellent example of sowing, reaping, and sharing.

"Our country needs young leaders that through their words and deeds set an exemplary example for others to follow," Macon said. "The life that Tripp is living by giving back to the community through his financial support to non-profits, by continuing to work hard at both his schoolwork and his business, and by giving his time in volunteerism is worthy of recognition. His leadership sets an example for people of all age·groups to follow."

Tripp is grateful for the people that have assisted him along his academic path. He says, "I would like to thank Mrs. Martha Thomason for nominating me and Dr. Lisa Hackney for helping to make winning this award possible."

For more information on Tripp's invention, visit the Le-Glue website.