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Yingrey David Alvarado: MIHS Senior Spotlight 2018
Yingrey David Alvarado: MIHS Senior Spotlight 2018

Yingrey Alvarado HeadshotWhere did you grow up?

I was born in La Lima Cortes, Honduras. I grew up in La Lima. I have been in Dalton for 3 years.

Elementary School:

I went to two elementary schools: Luis Bogran (first grade) and Gabriela Mistral (2-6)

What were you involved in at MIHS?

I was a cheerleader, a cross country and track runner. I was on the design team and the leadership team. I was part of the FBLA team, I was a newcomer, and I was a member of the Translation Academy.

High School achievements, awards and scholarships?

I won the Pinnacle School Award and service award.

I have received scholarships from the Fabric of Society Scholarship Program, the Dalton Rotary Club and from Stifel Banking Firm.

Plans after Graduation:

I'm planning to go to college and study computer science. I also want to be an actor.

I chose computer science because I have been into computers since I was a child, and it just fascinated me how much you can do and learn from a machine.

What have you enjoyed most at MIHS?

I have enjoyed everything I have done at MIHS, from helping the community to meeting new people. It's very interesting all you can do in a very short time.

Favorite teacher and why?

I have too many favorite teachers.

  • Mrs. Watts because she has shown me how to grow and be strong in life, but without forgetting to be humble and full of hope.
  • Mr. Murry has shown me that everything you do can affect your future in a good or bad way. To be careful with my decisions.
  • Mr. Gonzales has taught me that problems are always around, you just have to focus on your dreams and goals and never give up.
  • Mr. Brown has taught me to take care of others is good, but we can't forget about helping ourselves once a while. Sometimes you have to relax and enjoy life.
  • Mrs. Hardie has shown me that we have to enjoy happiness to the fullest and no matter where you are, be your self because we are unique.
  • Mrs. Vigile has taught me that bad things are going to happen, but you are the one that can ether fix it or make it worse, and it will last as long as you want. We have control of our life.
  • Dr. Landford has taught me that not everyone with a smile is honest, we have to be careful of who we trust.
  • Mrs. Sanford has shown me how to be patient. Every day seeing her deal with us in a classroom and see her very pacific is a great example and inspirational.
  • Mrs. Love has taught me that nothing is going to come if you don't put your effort in it.
  • Mrs. Poppel has taught me to be a leader, and has taught me to ask a question if I ever have a doubt.
  • Mrs. Williamson has taught me to be friendly and kind. No matter who you speak with, have respect and don't stress my self for little problems.
  • Mr. Gibson has taught me that everyone has a purpose in life - you just have to find it.
  • Mrs. Jewell has taught me to have fun and enjoy work while you make your responsibilities right. Sometimes a piece of candy can make a big difference.

Favorite subject or class:

My favorite subject was graphic design because I love to draw and make projects on the computer.

What has been your great accomplishment?

I think my greatest accomplishment has been being the valedictorian of MIHS.

What has been your greatest challenge?

My greatest challenge has been taking care of my brothers while I was going to school when I first came to the United States.

The one thing I'm most proud of is....

I'm proud of my as a brother because I think I'm a good example for my little siblings and my sister.

I would describe myself as a helper.

Something people know me for is that I talk too much.

What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time I like to go out for a walk or draw or play video games.

Person who has influenced your life the most and why?

My family has had the most influence in my life. All of them are fighters that are not easy to put down.

If I knew I could not fail... I would make my own company of video games.

If money was not an issue what would you do?

Go around the world and help whoever is in need.

My favorite memory at Morris is...

Everything single day is part of a great memory.

In 5 years I hope I have visited my country, be in a movie, and start in my own game.