Peach Education Tax Credit

Choose Where Your Tax Dollars Go

The PEACH EDUCATION TAX CREDIT allows tax payers to donate to support innovative programs that foster educational excellence for students across the state. Donors received a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on their state income tax. Your state tax dollars can stay local to directly benefit Dalton Public Schools  with no additional cost to you. 

Dalton Public Schools is a choice through the Peach Education Tax Credit. The process is easy for individuals or businesses. If you have any questions, you can contact Nick Sun, Executive Director of Secondary Operations and Director of CTAE via email at

How To Contribute

STEP 1: Apply Now (It takes less than a minute to complete your application and GFPE will submit your application to the Georgia Department of Revenue (DOR) on your behalf).

STEP 2: Receive Approval GFPE and DOR will notify you of your approved tax credit amount and payment deadline to take part in PEACH.

STEP 3: Make your Donation Submit your payment to GFPE before the payment deadline, which is 60 days after receiving pre-approval from the DOR. Please select Dalton Public Schools from the drop-down menu. Within one week of receiving your donation, the GFPE will send you the Form IT-QED-FUND1, which serves as the receipt for the donation. If you prefer to make a donation via check, please contact GFPE for details at 678-590-7047.

STEP 4: Claim your Tax Credit To claim the tax credit on your state income taxes, you will need to complete Form IT-QED-TP2 and attach it to your income tax return when it is filed. (Note: you will take the credit when you file your taxes in the year following your contribution).

This is a simple and rewarding way to ensure your tax dollars benefit local educational opportunities for Dalton Public Schools. The tax credit that you earn allows you to know that your dollars will go to work exactly where you want them.  

Tax Credit Eligibility Limits Are Based On Filing Status

  • Single individual or head of household: Up to $1,000 GA income tax credit
  • Married couples filing separately: Up to $1,250 GA income tax credit
  • Married couple filing jointly: Up to $2,500 GA income tax credit
  • S-corporation shareholder, LLC member or Partnership (Pass-through Entity) NOT paying tax at entity level: Up to $10,000 GA income tax credit
  • C-corporation, trust, or Pass-through Entity electing to pay tax at entity level: Up to 75% GA tax liability



Nick Sun
Executive Director of Secondary Operations
CTAE Director