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Disc Golf Collage

Dalton Public Schools is excited to announce the recent addition of disc golf courses to each of its schools, thanks to a collaborative effort with Prodigy Disc and Cyra's Simple Goodness. The initiative, aimed at promoting physical fitness and positive mental health among students and staff, has been met with enthusiasm from the community.

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Fall Recap: Highlights of Athletic and Extra-Curricular Achievements at Dalton Public Schools from Dr. Steven Craft

It was an incredibly exciting and successful fall season for the Dalton Public Schools. Dalton High School, The Dalton Academy, Dalton Junior High, and Hammond Creek had a fantastic fall. Thank you to all our amazing coaches, athletic directors, administrators, parents, community members and especially our student athletes for all your hard work and dedication. I have always believed that the Fall sets the tone for the entire school year. I am so excited to see what our winter and spring sports accomplish this year.

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Dalton Public Schools Welcomes Special Guests from Berlin Education Senate

Dalton Public Schools recently had the pleasure of hosting members from the Education Senate in Berlin for a tour of our schools. 

The visit, organized in collaboration with the Checkpoint Charlie Foundation and The School Teachers Enrichment Program (STEP), aimed to provide the guests with insights into the United States education system and a firsthand experience of our school environments.

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Andy Reynoso and Family

The Dalton Academy recently hosted a heartwarming send-off celebration in honor of one of its outstanding seniors, Andy Reynoso. Reynoso, an integral member of the "Puma Nation," has demonstrated remarkable leadership, talent, and dedication to his team and school throughout his high school career.

As a testament to his hard work and commitment, Reynoso has earned the opportunity to take his soccer career to the next level in Argentina. He will depart tomorrow for Mendoza, Argentina, where he has garnered the interest of two prominent teams, Godoy Cruz and Independiente Rivadavia. Reynoso is poised to showcase his exceptional soccer talents on the international stage.

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Hispanic Heritage Month brings an exciting energy to Dalton Public Schools as numerous members of our staff and students boast strong connections to the Hispanic community.

Veronica Vital serves as the assistant principal at Blue Ridge School. Vital said she leverages her rich cultural background and personal experiences to connect with students in a way that fosters a deep sense of understanding. 

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What people are saying

Joe Martinez
Joe Martinez in restaurant

Alum & Restaurant Owner

"I didn't realize until after I graduated how important it was to have that education. Whether you choose to continue your education after high school or not, the education you get in high school is super important."

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Gabrielle Nelloms
Gabrielle Nelloms head shot

Alum, DHS Class of 2014

"The opportunities presented to us when I was in school were awesome.”

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Cedric Haynes
Cedric doing weather forecast at City Park

Alum, Chattanooga Meteorologist 

"You are pretty blessed to be a part of Dalton Public Schools where you are going to have people who are ready to go the extra mile to make sure you can achieve your dream."

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Carter Crutchfield
Carter Crutchfield

Alum, DHS Class of 2009

“Friday Night Lights at Harmon Field are still some of the most special experiences that I will ever have. I feel like it helped shape and mold my career and who I am as a person. My experiences in Dalton were tremendous, I wouldn’t trade them for the world.” 

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Dalia Santiago
Dalia Santiago


"We all work together to support our young generation." 

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Did You Know?

Increasing Graduation Rate

Dalton Public Schools has a graduation rate is 85.1 percent, up from 80.0 percent in 2019.


Every student in PreK through 12th grade receives their own device to integrate into their classroom experience.

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International Baccalaureate Diploma Program

The International Baccalaureate program is a rigorous pre-university program leading to assessments in six subject areas. It offers a challenging and demanding educational experience across the full curriculum.

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72% of DPS staff members have advanced degrees.

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Our students come from 43 different countries and speak 18 native languages.

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Dual-Language Immersion

Elementary students at 5 schools can participate in German and Spanish dual-language classrooms.


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There are 7,750 students in Dalton Public Schools and more than 1,000 dedicated teachers and staff members.



Dalton Public Schools reconfigured its secondary grade levels to best serve all students. 


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