World-class learning that prepares students for success in college, careers and civic life.


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2nd Lt. Jesus Cortez
Jesus Cortez at West Point graduation


"There was always something to do around here. It's not like I'd end up going home and playing video games, I actually stopped playing video games in high school because there was so much to do. That shaped me into being versatile and always trying something new. I had a great experience with the school system."

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Monica Maldonado
Monica Maldonado and her fiance in Washington DC


"I'm really thankful I got to go through a robust IB and AP program because I exempted a lot of credit hours when I got to college, and I was well-prepared for the rigor of my college courses."

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Jackie Taylor
Jackie Taylor headshot

Social Worker & Parent

"My daughter has attended Brookwood since Pre-K and is about to start Dalton Middle School. Even though I'm 'not from around here,' I am proud to know that someday I will be the mother of a Dalton High School graduate. I love working for Dalton Public Schools and am proud to be part of the Dalton Difference."

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Miguel Gonzalez
Miguel Gonzalez in classroom


"I had Carol Satterfield, she still teaches at Dalton Middle School. I saw her really take care of me and my older brother outside of the classroom, that's when I said, okay, this is what I want to do for the rest of my life."

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Hannah Miller
Hannah miller headshot


"It's taken me a long, long time to get where I am. I've applied for this scholarship three years in a row, so it took consistency. I was considering not applying again just because I hadn't received it the past two years, but I'm so glad I did."

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Did You Know?

Increasing Graduation Rate

Dalton Public Schools has a graduation rate of 81.6%, a 3% increase from 2018.

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Every student in 3rd through 12th grade receives their own device to integrate into their classroom experience.

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International Baccalaureate Diploma Program

The International Baccalaureate program is a rigorous pre-university program leading to assessments in six subject areas. It offers a challenging and demanding educational experience across the full curriculum.

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72% of DPS staff members have advanced degrees.

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Our students speak 42 different languages and come from 22 different countries.

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Dual-Language Immersion

Elementary students can participate in German and Spanish dual-language classrooms.

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There are 7,900 students in Dalton Public Schools and more than 1,000 dedicated teachers and staff members.


The vision of Dalton Public Schools is: World-class learning that prepares students for success in college, career and civic life.

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